Why Study Languages?

Many students come to Westlake Boys’ High School looking for classes that will help them build successful and interesting careers. Others want to grow intellectually, to change the world, or to change themselves. The study of a second language offers all of these.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of language study is an expanded understanding of diverse, culturally-rooted attitudes and behaviours. Language preserves the history and traditions of a culture and learning a second language assists in developing and improving communication skills, and enhancing socio-cultural understanding.

Proficiency in a second language improves career prospects and helps foster social and economic benefits in, for example, the fields of tourism, education, international law, commerce, science and sport. With the internationalisation of the job market, students with a qualification in a foreign language are likely to have greater employment opportunities both in New Zealand and overseas.

Languages offered from Year 9 to Year 13:

•    Chinese 

•    Japanese

•    German

•    French 

•    Te Reo Māori

All Years 9 and 10 students are required to study one of the above languages. We also encourage dual linguists if students are interested in learning more than one language. 

The following languages are offered from Year 10 to Year 12 in 2019:

•    Spanish

•    Korean

Year 10 Students can also choose one of the above languages. By 2020, Korean and Spanish will be offered from Year 10 to Year 13. We offer an extension pathway in Languages from Year 10, in Chinese, Japanese, French and German. Students are all encouraged to take part in external competitions and proficiency exams to extend their level of the target language.

News about Languages Faculty


Head of Faculty – Dr Ai-Hsin Ho

Chinese Department

•    Dr Ai-Hsin Ho (HoD)

•    Daisy Huang

•    Hannah Kennedy

•    Tina Kwok

Japanese Department

•    Peony Law (HoD)

•    Heather Jeen

•    Suzanne Cornelius

Korean Department

•    Heather Jeen (TIC)

French Department

•    Suzanne Cornelius (HoD)

•    Aurelie Kerbellec

•    Alyssa Marris

German Department

•    Christine Bader (HoD)

•    Alyssa Marris (Acting HoD)

•    Natalie Marriott

•    Alison Kelly

Spanish Department

•    Suzanne Cornelius (HoD)

•    Christine Bader

•    Alison Kelly

•    Ana Stankovic 

Te Reo Maori Department

•    Johnny Waititi (HoD)

•    Alice Pomare

Languages at Westlake Boys High School

For information about each course at each year level, please follow the link to the portal: