Academic Achievements

Student Achievement at Westlake

The achievement of our students overall continues to be very high.

In 2015:

99% of our school leavers achieved Level 1

96% of our school leavers achieved Level 2

87% of our school leavers achieved Level 3

80% of our school leavers achieved University Entrance

Our final 2016 figures will be verified in June, but it looks as  though we will have school leaver figures that are very similar to this  once again.

These are the highest figures of any school on the North Shore and  are in the top three of all state and integrated schools in New Zealand.

In 2016:

Our students achieved 150 Scholarships, 27 of which were Outstanding. This places us third in New Zealand.

Our NCEA and Cambridge results were at the same levels as previous  years, meaning we can expect the same school leavers’ data as in 2015.

Some comparisons:

University Entrance:


These represent the second best we’ve achieved, the 150 making us 3rd in New Zealand. The table below offers an indication of performance against other schools:

Some local comparisons:

Boys at our school achieved more Scholarships than all the boys in the rest of the North Shore combined.

School leavers’ data: